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Stargazer Day Camp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Stargazer Day Camp Summer Program?

Stargazer takes place in Brooklyn, NY, at Public School 207 in the Mill Basin community AND Midwood Catholic Academy in the East Flatbush community. We are major proponents of physical activities, so most of our activities either take place in our indoor facility, outdoor facility or the surrounding Marine Park/Snake Playground recreational area.


What are the Stargazer Day Camp Dates?

Stargazer Day Camp will run for eight (8) weeks this Summer.

The Dates it will place are: July 2nd to August 24th, 2017.


What are the camp hours?

Drop-off for all campers (ages 4–14) is at 7:50am. Pick up for full-day campers is at 6:00pm.


How do I contact Stargazer Day Camp?

The main phone number for Stargazer Day Camp is 347-560-3469. For additional contact information, please e-mail info@stargazerdaycamp.com or utilize the Contact page.


What is the Stargazer Day Camp Mailing Address?

The business mailing address for the Stargazer Day Camp Summer Program is 1142 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11236.


When should I enroll my child?

Space is limited, so the earlier you enroll, the better chance there is that the program will still be open.


What does my child need to bring each day?

Campers should dress in clothes that are suitable for a variety of activities, including games and sports. Children should wear sneakers.


Does the camp take any Trips?

Yes, the camp does take trips. There are mini trips included; then, there are “Big Trips” not included in camp fees. The trips are listed on the “Features and Activities” page.


Is there a camp uniform T-shirt?

Yes. Campers are required to wear camp T-shirts while at the Stargazer Day Camp Summer Program. Campers will be given one (1) t-shirt and may purchase additional ones when applying.


How many counselors are in each group?

We have a 9:1 ratio of campers to counselors.


*Does the camp provide lunch?

Stargazer Day Camp has supplemented lunch for all campers in the past, as it was provided by the New York Board of Education as an initiative to serve more nutritional meals in battling childhood obesity. As of now, we will not be doing so, but will update you all if anything changes.


Can I visit my child while he/she is at camp? 

Yes, you can visit your child during the camp day. Please contact the camp staff to let them know when you would like to visit.


Are campers allowed to have their iPod and cell phone at camp?

iPods and other valuables should be left at home, but are allowed AT YOUR OWN RISK, if chosen, to be used during lunch. Cell phones are permitted at Stargazer Day Camp for emergency use only.


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