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*NEW* Basketball Clinic

Introducing Stargazer’s first ever Basketball Clinic. This rigorous program is designed for and opened to campers of all ages and genders. It will focus on the fundamentals of the sport with the intensity increasing week by week throughout the summer. Your young athlete will learn specialized drills, unique plays, and all the other necessary skills they need to become an All Star. The various, focal skillsets will be dribbling, shooting, and passing.


They will develop discipline while building their character, and will learn what it takes to live the life of a true athlete—including a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the summer, a tournament will be held, where each team will go head to head with another team to obtain the title “King/Queen of the Court”.


But what is an athlete without their fans? NOTHING! Therefore, Family and friends you are welcomed to come spectate at the tournament. So Mom, get your Pom Poms ready and Dad get your cameras ready, because your athletes are going to put on a show.


Sign up for the basketball clinic and watch your Stargazer become an All Star.


Parents can sign-up for this intensive by selecting the option when filling out the 2016 Stargazer Summer Application. The cost is $25/week, and includes 4-hour clinic sessions each indoor day of the week. That is a spectacular deal! So, don’t pass it up!