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Our Shooting Stars

Here are our Various Age Groups at Stargazer Day Camp that are classed in relation to the STARS.



We all have gazed at the Stars at some point in our life, and at Stargazer, our goal is reaching them!


Grade Group: Pre-K – 2nd
These are our children who range between the ages of five and seven years of age. They are Vibrant, Exploratory, and curious about everything the world has to offer. They also are in love with that ever-famous past-time we all remember when we were that age—NAPS!



Grade Group: 3rd – 5th
These are those youngsters who are really coming into their own; and making discoveries that we, let alone them, can’t even believe. Reaching for the stars is no longer just a thought, but an actual factual reality. Goodbye to Naps and hello to ADVENTURES!


Grade Group: 6th – 10th
These are the individuals who are on the brink of pubescence, and realizing that growth is inevitable. Even though life still has fun to be had, they have come to see that there is more to it than just that. Time to foster their imaginations, and really help them Catch their Dreams.


Supernovas are former Stargazers that we recognize in our Spotlight section that have graduated from Stargazer Day Camp, and have wonderful things going on in their lives that they would like to share and showcase to the world. It is important to consistently encourage all children, especially those who attended Stargazer Day Camp and have moved on to bigger and brighter things.





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