• Business Inquiries: 1142 Remsen Ave, Bklyn, NY 11236
  • (347) 560-3469
  • info@stargazerdaycamp.com

Dismissal is at 6:00pm each day.


If you need to pick up your child at an earlier time, we request that you please call the camp office well in advance, or let one of our supervisors know at the beginning of the day that you wish to do so. We will have your child ready and waiting for you, as we suspect they will be anxious to tell you how much fun they had until you showed up, mixed in with a little bit of resentment for pulling them out early. Grrrrr!

*Only those persons listed on the registration form will be allowed to pick a child up. if you wish to authorize someone to do so, please submit a written letter letting us know. This is to provide the utmost security on both ends of our relationship. Thank you.

Any Camper picked up beyond 6:00pm will be charged $2 per minute thereafter.

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